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BACHMANN BM91199 2-4-2 Steam Locomotive

Painted, Unlettered - Green & Black with White Pinstripes
Baldwin built the 2-4-2 for domestic use as well as export around the world. The "Lyn" model, named after the Lyn River in Britain, was the only American-manufactured locomotive used by the Southern Railway in England . The 2-4-2 returns to Bachmann's Big Haulers® lineup, ready to be equipped with your choice of DCC decoder.

Features include:

- ready for decoder installation of your choice
- metal gearbox
- metal bearings
- all-metal wheels
Adviesprijs: €419.20
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Additional Info

Artikel gegevens

  1. Artikelnummer fabrikant: BM91199
  2. Conditie: New,
  3. Verpakking: ,
  4. Garantie: 12 months warranty


  1. American example

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